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Did you know that from one location you can register for events, find groups to join, pre-check-in your kids before service and update your profile?

Install the Church Center app for your iOS or Android device to stay connected all the time.




There’s also a web portal if that’s more convenient in the moment. Just remember and you’ll automatically be forwarded to the Church Center online hub.


Recommended Apps

YouVersion Bible App

The Bible is available to go with you wherever you have your mobile device.

There are several apps you can get for iOS, Android and your Windows devices. Our favorite daily app is the YouVersion Bible app.

An amazing Bible experience on your phone or on the web. Access to many translations and a kids Bible app to engage your whole family with God’s word.


Right Now Media

This is like Netflix or Hulu for Bible study content!

Get access to thousands of videos that teach you about different areas of theology, scripture, or topics in life. They also have a whole section of content devoted to kids. We subscribe as a church, so all you have to do is activate your free account!

Dwell: Audio Bible

Experience the Bible audibly

Meditate on scripture verse by verse or thematic plans set to music. Read along or simply listen as you dwell on God’s word in a new contemplative way.

The Dwell App


A whole family of Bible and Christian literature/media products that help you read, study and understand the Bible better.

With this app, you can follow along in our main worship service on Sundays.Get a single login for all of their products and access to tons of free content. Want access to more or new resources? Get free resources each month or purchase additional content and you’ll have instant access on all your devices.

The Bible Project

Visually engage with scripture and the themes of the Bible!

They bring scripture to life on the screen in front of you. From dramatized portions of the Bible, to visuals that help you understand scripture, there is always new content that will engage, educate and encourage you in your faith and understanding of God’s word.

AXIS Resources for Parents

Get resourced with a Biblical perspective and parent guides on difficult topics.

Parents, ever feel like you’re not in tune with how to Biblically address some of today’s cultural and social issues with your kids? Click the button below to activate your account, we’ve already paid for the subscription.