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We can't wait to meet you!

Even though we're all still readjusting from the pandemic, we're so excited we can still gather together! Things still look different, but know that we are doing our best to keep everyone as safe as possible and at the same time reengage in community - which is what God wants the church to be, a family in regular community.

Check out the info below about what to expect!

What To Expect

Thanks for checking out Journey Christian Church in Fall River, MA! Our worship services are at 9:30am and 11am on Sunday and are usually just under an hour. There’s always fresh hot coffee available before the service, programs for kids, and opportunity to connect with others.

What our worship gatherings are like

First, expect a warm and friendly greeting ready to answer any questions you have and help make sure you feel comfortable while worshipping with us. Our team will help you find the nursery, kids space, coffee and bathrooms if you are new!

Second, you’ll encounter a live band that leads us in worship to God. Our music is modern and different from the traditional organ and choir that many would expect to see in a New England church. You’ll notice some people raising their hands as an expression of worship toward God.

You can expect a relevant Bible based teaching that challenges your mind and heart with God’s truth. It’s important that we not only learn what’s in the Bible, but also why it’s in there and what to do with it. The Bible is all about Jesus and the freedom and life transformation He offers us through salvation from our sins. You’ll never hear a message that doesn’t point back to Jesus and challenge you to seek Him and become more like Him.

Lastly, we typically close our time together with sharing in communion, sometimes called the Lord’s Supper. Communion is a practice Jesus taught His disciples of sharing in a common meal together, then it was bread and wine at the Passover supper. Today we use grape juice and a wafer in a pre-sealed cup (for both safety and the ease of celebrating together in a large group). The bread is a reminder that Jesus physically entered creation and went through the temptations of this life for us. The juice is a symbol of sacrifice and the blood that was shed in temple sacrifices to clear our sins and transgressions against God. These symbols together remind us we are unified with God through Christ and subsequently with each other as part of God’s family. You can celebrate communion with us in our services, at home with your family or in a group with other followers of Jesus.

What to wear

Our church is fairly contemporary. Dress in a way that you feel comfortable and that allows you to connect with God. Some wear jeans and a t-shirt while others may wear a sport coat and a tie. It’s up to you! Your attire doesn’t determine your holiness.

Where we meet
Now our church community meets on the second floor in the Tower Mill in Fall River where we’ve remodeled approximately 7,000 square feet for the purpose of church family and community programming.
Journey first began in the home of Pastor Mike and Sarah with a small group of people who committed to launching this mission together. From there we met in a karate studio for 18 months as God continued to grow our team and transform lives. We strongly believe that the church is not a building but instead is a community of believers with like minds and hearts that have committed to accomplish the mission of the Gospel together.
What to do with your kids

At Journey, ministry to the whole family is a vital part of our mission. We have specialized kids programming from infancy to elementary available that teaches them about God and the Bible in a way that’s relevant to them while the adult teaching occurs. We also have a staffed nursery available to babies and toddlers where little ones will encounter God through various planned activities each week. 10 minutes before service your kids can head into their classes for their own, specially tailored worship set and interactive Bible teaching while you worship and engage in the teaching in the main auditorium.