Have you signed up for a Life Group?

You haven’t signed up for a Life Group yet? What are you waiting for!?

Imagine what it would be like doing life with people who actually cared about you. Imagine it was a group of people who had similar goals in life, held similar values and genuinely were concerned for your best. Imagine actually having that network of support and encouragement through the good and bad in life.
…it’s possible. Now, go sign up for a Life Group.

What’s a Life Group?

Simple, it’s a small group of people who you regularly spend time with that you can talk to, rely on, and learn about scripture with. As a church grows larger in size, it must also remain small and encourage intimate relationships. So, we’ve developed Life Groups to help you do life together with people who will encourage, support and challenge you in life and faith.

How do they work?

Most of our Life Groups follow a simple schedule that starts with dinner together at the host’s home followed by a discussion and teaching time. The teaching is normally based on a video based study or takes our Sunday morning teachings to a deeper level of application. From time to time, groups may opt to go out and do an activity together, whether it’s a group member’s sports game, volunteering in the community or just a fun group trip. Each group is slightly different, but the vision is all the same – develop stronger relationships and deepen your faith. 

How do I sign up?

Next time you are at Journey, check out our Life Group registration area and sign up for a group. If you are a bit of tech head and want to sign up online, you can click here. Don’t wait too long because some are filling up!