Financial Peace University Preview

What is Financial Peace University?

FPU Preview

In case you were unable to attend our preview class on Tuesday, September 13, here is a little bit of the content we covered.
FPU is a 9 week course that teaches you practical skills about how to relate to money that will change your life now and impact your family for generations.
Some of these skills include budgeting, paying off debt, saving, investing and preparing for emergencies.
Watch part of Dave Ramsey’s story of struggle and bankruptcy that motivated him to teach what you’ll learn in this class.

It’s not just a motto, it’s the truth.

What if you could actually change your life? What if you learned how to make a budget and you were surrounded by people who were helping you to stick to it? What if you could buy a car or a house with cash?
The reality is that you can, it just takes effort and discipline.

Living without debt

In our society today, it’s “normal” to live paycheck to paycheck and in major debt. Be “weird” and live with a plan that does not enslave you.
Here’s the story of Mike and Christy and how they were motivated to live “weird” by not choosing debt, which enabled them to buy a house with cash.

So, what do I do next?


First, commit to changing your life by registering for the class and ordering materials. 
Classes are Tuesdays at 7pm starting September 20 through November 15. 

Login to FPU Central

After you receive your materials, log into FPU Central and get yourself ready for life change. Watch the video lesson on your own each week and come to class to discuss and apply the content.

Transform your life

Follow the FPU principles to see your life completely transformed. It’s Biblical and practical wisdom that will enable you to live with peace about your finances.