Final chance for Operation Christmas Child!

Operation Christmas Child Sunday is here!

What’s happening…

This coming Sunday, following our worship service, we will be gathering to pack up the boxes we have been collecting supplies for and prepping the boxes we have returned for transfer to a local drop off center. 
Join us for a pot-luck luncheon as we gather to eat and celebrate together what God is doing through our church as we spread the gospel around the world. 


Join us immediately after our 10:30am worship service for a meal together before we start packing up the boxes.
Bring a main dish to share and an appetizer or a dessert. Let us know what you’re bringing or see what others are bringing by commenting on our Facebook page post

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Packing Party

After we fill up on some grub, we’ll clear the tables and get to packing boxes up and prepping them for transport. We will open boxes and double check their contents and pack up the church boxes with the supplies we have. 
Kiddos who are hanging out with us can either help pack boxes with an adult or can color some OCC coloring pages to send off in our boxes for the kids on the other end! 




Help us get the rest of the supplies we are looking for! Here’s the list as it stands today. Check out our Facebook post here for the updated version.
  • (20) Toothpaste
  • (25) Soap boxes/holders
  • (15) Notepads/small notebook (keep in mind size to fit in the box)
  • (20) Pair socks (we currently have 7 pr girls)
If you would like to get ideas of what else you can pack in a box you may have taken home, visit the Samaritan’s Purse website here for some ideas!
Don’t forget to bring your $7 to ship your personal box and or consider sponsoring one of the church boxes we are building.