I’m New Here

Thanks for checking out Journey Christian Church in Fall River, MA! Here’s some information to help you get started and understand a little bit more about who we are. 

Know Jesus

There has never been a person in history who has made the kind of impact as Jesus Christ. We strive to know the Biblical Jesus and follow His teachings, as it is only through Him that man can be restored to God.
How can we know Him?
Read the Bible

Our Beliefs

The Bible is a big book about a big God who simply cannot be defined. Theology is man’s attempt to know God – which we will never fully accomplish in the flesh. That being said, here’s what we believe based on our understanding of scripture and our forefathers of faith.

Visit Us

Our worship service starts at 10:30 on Sunday and usually ends just before noon. There’s always fresh hot coffee, programs for kids, and opportunity to connect with others. Find out more about what to expect here.