Feeling “Spiritually Stuck”?

Do you feel “spiritually stuck”?? Read on!
Christians sometimes talk about being in a “dry season” in our relationship with God. And while often we feel like we are thriving spiritually, other times, life sucks the wind out of us and we are feeling drained and empty. I want to caution you to not let yourself sit at length in what you think to be a dry season because it’s a normal or an ok thing. If you are feeling distant from the Lord, PRESS IN CLOSER! Remember David was a man who constantly pursued God despite his grave imperfections and that is why he was called a man after God’s heart.

Here are some pieces of advice for getting out of a spiritual dry season.

1. Stop doing small reading plans in your Bible app that only deal with where you feel you are in life. If you are single, there are other Bible reading plans than “How to not be depressed in your singleness”. If you are in a season of financial despair, don’t just seek out the plan called “God wants to bless me”. Yes these can absolutely be good and helpful, but not if its all you seek. There is more! When we seek God only according to our world view and want to see him only through the eyes in which we choose, we will quickly fall into a spiritual rut. There is SO much more to who God is and the abundant life he wants for his children. The Bible wasn’t written topically, so don’t just study it topically. Study the whole of scripture and you’ll get a whole picture of the life God intends for you.

“The Bible wasn’t written topically, so don’t just study it topically.”

Might I suggest, if you are in a spiritual rut, hop over to The Bible Project‘s Facebook page or website and dive into one of their seriously awesome, full of depth podcast or video series. If you really want to know who God is, this is one incredible tool. You will quickly find your appetite for the Lord growing as you start to see the layers upon layers of the incredible character of God found in scripture.
Consider reading through longer segments of scripture. Go through an entire book rather than just one verse here and there. Take a solid week to go through Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, or Galatians.
2. Choose a fresh, new space to study God’s word. Spring is beginning to spring! Grab your Bible and study tools and head out to your front porch first thing in the morning with a blanket and cup of coffee. Put the kids down for a nap then head to a bright window and study in a position that may be unusual to you to break you of your comfort zone. Save a special dessert to enjoy during your Jesus time. 🙂 Go to the beach or find a park bench to read. Make your time with the Lord special, different and enjoyable.
3. I also recognize that you may be in a spiritual rut because you feel tired. Maybe you have a new baby in the house (#preachingtomyself) or your work hours have thrown you for a loop. In these seasons, let the word of God pour into you through podcasts and the “read to me” feature on the Bible app! Personally, sometimes my brain just doesn’t soak in things that i’ve read when i’m running on 4 hours of sleep. There are many, many apps I keep on my phone that are incredible resources and really help me in these seasons. Ask me to send you a list of my favorites if you are looking for more Bible study resources. Many of them don’t even require you to read a thing, just to listen. How incredible is that?
Here is a promise to hold on to:

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.. James 4:8

-Written by Sarah Pudlo

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