Journey Through The Bible
A church-wide chronological reading plan
On September 1st, 2014 we started a 2+ year journey through the Bible. As a church, we feel it is important that loving Jesus and doing life together includes reading scripture together. In efforts to be unified in scriptural influence, we encourage you to join us in our reading plan through the Bible.


Each day will include a brief reading from both the Old and New Testaments in the Bible and they will be done chronologically. This means that we’ll be reading the Bible in historical order, not necessarily the traditional order of the pages in our Bible. For instance, Job’s life occurred within the timeframe of the book of Genesis, thus we read the book of Job prior to Genesis 12 where the account of Abram begins. And since King David wrote many of his songs, poems, and prayers – the Psalms – in response to situations in his life, the Psalms will be interwoven in our readings about King David. We will see his praise and joy following great moments and read his sorrow and grief following the low periods of his life.
Every other Sunday will be a reflection & catchup day. If you’ve fallen behind you can use this as an opportunity to catch up. Or if part of a reading really intrigued you, you can use this day to dive in for some further exploration or study on that section of the Bible.

Get the Bible on your mobile device

Bible AppThe Bible is available to go with you wherever you have your phone or mobile device. There are several apps you can get for iOS, Android and your Windows devices. Our favorite is the YouVersion Bible app.



This Week’s Reading

Sunday, May 22
Reflection + Catch-up Day
Monday, May 23
Jer. 21
Acts 17:22-34
Prov. 27:19-21
Tuesday, May 24
Jer. 22
Acts 18:1-18
Prov. 27:22-24
Wednesday, May 25
Jer. 23
1 Thess. 1
Prov. 27:25-27
Thursday, May 26
Jer. 24
1 Thess. 2
Prov. 27:28-31
Friday, May 27
Jer. 25
1 Thess. 3
Prov. 28:1-3
Saturday, May 28
Jer. 26
1 Thess. 4
Prov. 28:4-6
Sunday, May 29
Jer. 27
1 Thess. 5
Prov. 28:7-9