Too late for lent?

My wife gets excited this time of year, every year. It’s the season of lent! For Sarah, that means that Wendy’s has their epic fish sandwich on the menu again! For someone who normally isn’t a fan of fast food, she will go out of the way for one of those fried morsels.
What is lent? Traditionally it’s a season of preparation of one’s heart and mind for the celebration of Easter, the time we dedicate to celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s a period of fasting from something to refocus and renew our hearts on the work of the cross by reducing the distractions in our life.
Early church father Ireneaus of Lyons, who was born approximately 30 years after the Apostle John’s death, mentions a season of self-denial in the early church. During that time it was only 2-3 days rather than the 40 we see today. It was in the Nicene council in 325 AD that we see a recommendation to shift to a 40 day period.
Since then, things have changed quite a bit in The Church. Theological, cultural and pragmatic divisions have changed how and if lent is even observed anymore in modern churches.
One big question we get asked every year is whether or not we should or shouldn’t celebrate lent. Well, that’s a loaded question… I think it starts with the heart behind it. Are you participating simply because others are doing it or you’ve grown up doing it? If so, then you’ve ritualized something that’s intended to deepen your relationship with God and heighten your anticipation and celebration of Easter.
Whether it’s receiving communion, baptism, praying, or the celebration of various holy days, if done long enough with insincerity, any practice of the church can become simply a ritual. Jesus regularly spoke very strongly to the religious leaders who did their duty out of ritual and tradition instead of sincere worship and desire for God.
While there is nothing wrong with either participating in or abstaining from the celebration of lent, the err comes when our heart behind the decision isn’t genuine.
Let’s be honest, some of us could really benefit from letting go of something that distracts us from quality time with our creator. While others may have practiced lent with so much tradition that it’s true meaning has long been lost.
So if you still want to participate in lent but have been wondering if it’s too late to start, it’s not. You can start now or a few days before Easter. It’s about refocusing yourself through self denial, a fast from something, for a period of time in preparation to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, salvation from the sin in all of us.
-Pastor Mike


A confession from your pastor

I have a confession to make… I read the headlines yesterday, paused for a moment to think “there’s another one…” and started to move on with my day; it wasn’t my child’s school nor one any of my family or friends are associated with. Then it hit me… 

I have to confess that I have grown too numb to the loss of human life in our world today. 

Since 2013 there have been almost 300 school/college related shootings according to (some accidental weapon discharges, others involving casualties). Our media covers mass shootings so sensationally with mixed intentions to report the news and maximize profits through viewership. We watch war waged around the world with massive casualties of both soldiers and civilians. Earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes and other weather elements rip through communities leaving lives upturned and people devastated. Humanitarian support advertisements are everywhere to support all of the victims. We hear rumors of a human trafficking and think it doesn’t happen here… but it does. 

This isn’t a post about politics, gun safety, global warming, etc. It’s about our hearts.

Have we let our exposure to human tragedy in our world today cause our hearts to become callous? Do we recognize the pain in our world that only has one solution? Jesus. Do you read the profile of the Parkland FL school shooting suspect and pray harm on him or break for the pain in him that would grip his heart so strongly that he would take the lives of others?

As I’ve taken time to reflect on yesterday, I’ve realized that I have grown too familiar, too callous, too numb. 

My heart breaks for the victims and their families. My heart is broken because lives who may not have had relationship with their creator have expired. Some may distance themselves from God because of this. My heart breaks for the suspect because of the pain inside that drove him to this. 

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.

Ezekiel 18:23 do you think I enjoy seeing evil people die?” asks the Sovereign LORD. “No, I would rather see them repent and live.

The mission of the church is so critical. Lives can be forever changed when they encounter the love and comfort of Christ.
-Pastor Mike


Have you signed up for a Life Group?

You haven’t signed up for a Life Group yet? What are you waiting for!?

Imagine what it would be like doing life with people who actually cared about you. Imagine it was a group of people who had similar goals in life, held similar values and genuinely were concerned for your best. Imagine actually having that network of support and encouragement through the good and bad in life.
…it’s possible. Now, go sign up for a Life Group.

What’s a Life Group?

Simple, it’s a small group of people who you regularly spend time with that you can talk to, rely on, and learn about scripture with. As a church grows larger in size, it must also remain small and encourage intimate relationships. So, we’ve developed Life Groups to help you do life together with people who will encourage, support and challenge you in life and faith.

How do they work?

Most of our Life Groups follow a simple schedule that starts with dinner together at the host’s home followed by a discussion and teaching time. The teaching is normally based on a video based study or takes our Sunday morning teachings to a deeper level of application. From time to time, groups may opt to go out and do an activity together, whether it’s a group member’s sports game, volunteering in the community or just a fun group trip. Each group is slightly different, but the vision is all the same – develop stronger relationships and deepen your faith. 

How do I sign up?

Next time you are at Journey, check out our Life Group registration area and sign up for a group. If you are a bit of tech head and want to sign up online, you can click here. Don’t wait too long because some are filling up! 


New Years Weekend Worship



It’s amazing how fast this year has gone and how much God has done through and in each of you here at Journey! Get ready for an incredible weekend at Journey and with your loved ones.


Please remember that we are gathering on Saturday for worship this weekend instead of Sunday do to our building holiday schedule. There will be NO SUNDAY SERVICE. 

Saturday, December 31st

10AM Family Brunch

11AM Worship and Communion



Final chance for Operation Christmas Child!

Operation Christmas Child Sunday is here!

What’s happening…

This coming Sunday, following our worship service, we will be gathering to pack up the boxes we have been collecting supplies for and prepping the boxes we have returned for transfer to a local drop off center. 
Join us for a pot-luck luncheon as we gather to eat and celebrate together what God is doing through our church as we spread the gospel around the world. 


Join us immediately after our 10:30am worship service for a meal together before we start packing up the boxes.
Bring a main dish to share and an appetizer or a dessert. Let us know what you’re bringing or see what others are bringing by commenting on our Facebook page post

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Packing Party

After we fill up on some grub, we’ll clear the tables and get to packing boxes up and prepping them for transport. We will open boxes and double check their contents and pack up the church boxes with the supplies we have. 
Kiddos who are hanging out with us can either help pack boxes with an adult or can color some OCC coloring pages to send off in our boxes for the kids on the other end! 




Help us get the rest of the supplies we are looking for! Here’s the list as it stands today. Check out our Facebook post here for the updated version.
  • (20) Toothpaste
  • (25) Soap boxes/holders
  • (15) Notepads/small notebook (keep in mind size to fit in the box)
  • (20) Pair socks (we currently have 7 pr girls)
If you would like to get ideas of what else you can pack in a box you may have taken home, visit the Samaritan’s Purse website here for some ideas!
Don’t forget to bring your $7 to ship your personal box and or consider sponsoring one of the church boxes we are building.